RETROCRAFT SERVER NEWS ----------------------------- [2017-09-12] Retrocraft Server Online! Retrocraft Server is now online! you can go [HERE] to reserve your in-game username! Some things to note: * Passwords are encrypted server-side, but security hasn't been a focus so DON'T RE-USE YOUR PASSWORDS and importantly, DON'T TRUST ME! ;) * Your login username is equivalent to the username you use for Minecraft. * You must login on the website before connecting to the server, logins are tied to your IP (proxies may cause an issue) and you have a 5-minute grace period to join. * The server is running on Alpha 1.2.6 which is available in the office Minecraft client. You can join by using the address The server is running on some custom software that wraps a minecraft server JAR. Doing some functions like the logins and automatic backups. So there may be some teething issues. But assuming no other issues, the server should be running 24/7 and regular backups will be retained.